The crazy photo where Francis Ngannou makes Arnold Schwarzenegger (105kg) look like a minus!

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Few people on earth can claim to pass Arnold Schwarzenegger for a little joke next to them. However, this is exactly what happened this week, when the legendary actor met a certain Francis Ngannou for the first time. And the clichés are formal: there is no photo.

Above all, do not believe that Francis Ngannou has been taking it easy since his sensational departure from the UFC. Always in reflection and negotiation to define what will be the next stage of his career, the native of Batié is working hard to maintain his colossal physical form. The Predator certainly has genetic facilities, but it is his daily work that makes the difference.

The big, tiny Scharwzy next to Ngannou

The most famous bodybuilder in the world in his time, and legendary Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenneger will not say the opposite. Passing through the hall to greet Ngannou, the “Terminator” star obviously posed with the former UFC champion. But here it is: despite his 105 kilos on the scale, Schwarzy does not measure up:

Be that as it may, this shot is already cult with regard to the two sacred monsters who are united there. Better still, on Twitter, Ngannou uses one of Schwarzenegger’s famous lines in the film… “Predator”, nickname of the Cameroonian. A real masterclass:

Note that despite the imposing stature of the Cameroonian at his side, Schwarzenegger seems to be in impressive physical shape for his age. Already 75 years old (!), the former governor of California is certainly no longer the Apollo he was, and no longer weighs the 120 kilos he reached at his peak, but he remains a very high level in the soul – and his body proves it.

The most attentive among you will also have noticed the presence of NFL player Mekhi Becton in one of the photos published by Ngannou. The offensive tackle plays in the even higher category, since he is a real physical monster from the top of his 2m01 and 165 kilos. And this time, it’s Francis who is very small by his side…

By meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger, Francis Ngannou realized an old dream. The smile of the two men speaks volumes, and there is no doubt that this photo will be stored very preciously in the archives of the Predator. A real moment of privilege for the Cameroonian, appreciated at its fair value.

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