Robot vacuum cleaner promotion: In reduction of 42% it will make you say goodbye to cleaning!

This is a great promotion that Boulanger is giving us today on this connected robot vacuum cleaner from the Neato brand! The D8 is indeed reduced by 42% at the merchant and goes well below the 200 € mark. Be careful though! To take advantage of the maximum reduction, you will absolutely have to make this purchase before the end of the Weekend good deals which will end on March 27 and which will give you an additional €15 reduction.

Instead of €319, it goes directly to €199 and you can then subtract an additional €15 this weekend. It will therefore be available at €184, a total reduction of 42%!

The Neato D8 robot vacuum cleaner will take care of the cleaning for you!

Tiles, parquet floors, carpets, carpets, you will soon no longer have to take care of them thanks to this connected vacuum cleaner from the Neato brand! The D8 will manage all the vacuuming needs of your home with efficiency and above all in complete autonomy. You will only have to empty its tank from time to time and it will do everything else on its own. This is particularly the case of charging its battery, since it will be able to return to its base when it is discharged.

With an autonomy of 100 minutes, it can take care of all your accommodation quietly. Once its job is done (or its battery drained), it will return to its charging base. If it still had cleaning to do, it would return to work when recharged.

Its navigation in the room works by cartography and it will thus be possible to indicate prohibited zones to it to protect fragile objects for example. It will also be fully capable of detecting steps, obstacles and emptiness in order to avoid any fall. With its laser sensor, it can vacuum easily even in the dark!

Compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google and Siri, you can easily program cleaning schedules and thus make it work only when you need it or when you are not at home, for example.

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