LeBron excited about possible Lakers rookie: ‘I haven’t seen this in…’

With multiple injuries in the workforce, the Lakers will have to be careful in the coming weeks. So much so that the front office considered the idea of ​​recruiting a new player, particularly in the interior sector. LeBron James would also be thrilled with a name.

Back to a balanced balance sheet (37-37), the Lakers have found a smile in recent days. The place in the playoffs is still far from being reached, but the men of Darvin Ham have the confidence, in particular thanks to a great Anthony Davis. LeBron James should find the floors soon, while a possible recruit has been mentioned in the City of Angels.

LeBron convinced by a possible Lakers recruit

The Pourpre et Or tested two players last week: Tony Bradley and Tristan Thompson. Two pivots to replace the contribution of Mo Bamba, even if the front office has decided to wait. The idea? Simply do their due diligence in case a signature becomes mandatory. Speaking in a recent podcast, alongside Draymond Green, Thompson says that James was impressed.

Tristan Thompson “When I arrived at Lakers practice, I made sure I was in good physical shape. I was dropping lots of dunks, windmills, etc. I was doing my stuff and LeBron was like, “Yo man, I haven’t seen this since Cleveland. Well yeah, because I’m ready. I’m ready to make it happen. I’m ready to help the Lakers for this final push, and I think I can help this team. »

If the Lakers have not decided to sign Thompson for the moment, the pivot is convinced to be able to help this roster. A confidence that should please James and company, even if it is not the native of Akron who decides. Among the supporters, the enthusiasm is not really present at the idea of ​​recovering the former Cavalier.

Please don’t let him play for us

Tristan Thompson is open to signing for the Lakers to help them in the playoffs, but the leaders have opted for another option so far. A choice validated by the supporters, even if everything is possible before the start of the postseason. A surprise signing remains a plausible scenario.

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