“I push for it to happen. Him and LeBron, this is the perfect marriage for the Lakers”

The Lakers have managed to build one of the best duos in the NBA with Anthony Davis and LeBron James, at least when they are healthy. That doesn’t mean the franchise won’t try anything this summer, with the possible arrival of another star. For a former teammate, the target is already found.

Back in the race for the playoffs, the Lakers hope to validate their ticket as quickly as possible, and without going through the play-in. The presence of Anthony Davis helps a lot, while the return of LeBron James shouldn’t happen for several weeks. It is in these moments that we say to ourselves that a third star is never too many in this marathon that is the NBA.

The perfect duo found for LeBron?

By this summer, we imagine that the rumor Kyrie Irving should come back stronger, especially since his adventure in Dallas is far from the dream. This is the wish of Tristan Thompson, who hopes that the leader will sign in the City of Angels this summer. The idea? Associate him with the King, since the pivot believes that the duo is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous in the NBA.

Tristan Thompson “Man, I’m pushing for this meeting, it’s been too long. With Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, it’s like a perfect marriage, they bring out the best in each other. The things Kyrie does perfectly are different from the things LeBron does perfectly. It was amazing to see this duo in Cleveland.

They were both good at a lot of things, and together they were probably unbeatable. Can they meet again? I think so. I’m going to keep pushing for it to happen, even on TV. Because I think Kyrie allows LeBron to release his best basketball, and vice versa. I feel like their story didn’t end, or didn’t end the way it should.

There are still a few chapters to write for this duo, some magic that can happen. So I hope that will be the case.

We do not know if the supporters agree with this praise of Thompson, but it is clear that the duo Irving / James left very good memories behind them, with in particular this title on the side of Cleveland. Can they start again at the Lakers? TT votes for it, and we know that many people do. Only problem ? It’s an almost impossible scenario as it stands, according to the latest information from The Athletic and for a specific reason.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James? Tristan Thompson votes for, remains to be seen if the operation is playable this summer. We tend to lean towards the no, but the end of this NBA campaign probably has some surprises in store for us. A series to follow closely.

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