France or Algeria, the surprising choice of Maxime Lopez

Maxime Lopez places himself as an outsider with one place in Blue. What about Algeria?

Will Maxime Lopez change his sporting nationality? The Sassuolo player seems far from these considerations for the moment. Passing through the program Le Club des 5, the former OM player was notably polled on the Blues and his dream of one day being called up to the Habs. He even cites an example that might suit him.

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According to Walid Acherchour’s analysis, there really is something to play for Lopez: “When you look back, in defense, there are 8 monsters today, guys who play for Liverpool, Bayern or Barça. But in midfield, Pogba is no longer there, Kanté we don’t know if he will come back. I think it’s playable to integrate this midfield. I remember when the list [pour la Coupe du monde] had fallen, we were surprised to see Matteo Guendouzi and Jordan Veretout there. For me, these are not players who are light years away from Maxime Lopez. When we see the trajectory of Veretout, in Nantes then Fiorentina and Roma, it is a Maxime Lopez trajectory. »

Maxime Lopez is also greatly inspired by Veretout: “The perfect example is Jordan Veretout, whom I know well and with whom I have spoken many times. When you see his career, he has progressed and performed well and he had an opportunity that he seized. There, at OM, he is good so he is in the France team. »

A move to play in Blue

Walid Acherchour also advises a good trajectory for Lopez: “If Maxime Lopez goes to Brighton or Roma or those kinds of teams, he can also start to have credit. » It remains to be seen whether it is compatible from a purely playful point of view: “Now the problem is that I’m not sure his style of play can suit the coach, I have big doubts. But I find that we don’t have a player in midfield who has this sensitivity, a bit like Enzo Le Fée in Lorient or Maxime Lopez in Sassuolo. Will Deschamps do it, that’s another thing, but the qualities are there. » A profile question shared by the former OM: “Afterwards, it’s true that I have a profile that’s not really atypical either, but different from the average in any case. And that will depend on a lot of things. But at no time do I tell myself that I will never be there. I know it is possible and I will do everything for it. » Before specifying, like a call from the foot: “I never met Didier Deschamps, and I never even spoke with him. But everything needs a first time. »

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