Google is finally adding to Android what many have been waiting for! Yes, Apple already does

News JVTech Google is finally adding to Android what many have been waiting for! Yes, Apple already does

On Android 13, Google is slowly starting to make possible a feature that will delight, especially those with multiple smartphones. Even though Apple is already doing it, we’re not going to complain.

Android: download an application at once on several devices

Downloading an application is very fast. Just head to the Play Store, browse, click download, and depending on your connection, it should all be done in seconds. But it’s not the same story if you own several smartphones.

Indeed, let’s imagine that you have a Samsung smartphone for your work, and that you have a Google Pixel as your personal phone. The somewhat boring thing is to having to download each app you find useful once on one, and once on the other. All this gets complicated if you have three phones, or four…

Google had thought of users with a smartphone accompanied by a tablet or a connected watch. On the download page, these alternative devices appear directly, allowing us to choose which ones are also entitled to download the app in question. This is now also the case for smartphones, as ArtemR shows us on Twitter. All the devices just need to be under the same Google account.

As often on Android, not all models of all brands are entitled to small additions at the same time. You may have to wait a bit before you can do as in the screenshot of the tweet.

That’s not all: app synchronization is also coming

ArtemR continues his thread by pointing out another fairly major novelty: the possibility of activating the synchronization of the downloading of applications automatically on other devices under the same Google account, as desired.

Android copies Apple, so what?

If you know iCloud, then you know that this Android novelty is already available on Apple smartphones. Simpler and logical in my opinion, all you need is an Apple account and several iPhones or iPads so that they synchronize automatically. This function is activated manually in iCloud settings, and concerns applications, just like photos or settings and many other things.

We like to play the battle between the different manufacturers, especially with Android against Apple. Each side has its admirers and its detractors, but if we take a step back and look at the market as a whole, copying remains something positive for consumers. No matter what team you’re on, competition among brands is always positive, as it pushes them to improve to gain the upper hand.

If Android takes up an idea from Apple, it’s because Apple has already taken up an idea from Android a few months before. This cycle is virtuous, and even if each OS still retains its own identity, each takes a few steps towards the other to offer the most cool features to everyone.

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