Cédric Doumbé humiliates Kamaru Usman: “The shin in the head that…”

While rumors of an arrival of Cédric Doumbé in the UFC are becoming more and more insistent, the Frenchman continues to put on a show at almost each of his media appearances. Engaged in a beef with Kamaru Usman, the former kickboxer continues to drive the point home on the “Nigerian Nightmare”, without any pity. The art of having no limits…

It didn’t take much more to ignite the fans. Recently, Internet users noticed that Cédric Doumbé’s page was created on the UFC website. The sign of an imminent arrival in the federation of Dana White for the one who continues to explode the competition in France? In any case, that’s what everyone wants, as the potential of “Doumced” is so intriguing and exciting.

Recently, a godsend has come in the way of the Frenchman, since his provocations towards Kamaru Usman have caught the attention of the main interested party. Since then, Doumbé hasn’t let go of him, and even allowed himself to ridicule the Nigerian after his loss to Leon Edwards last weekend. And that’s not all.

Cédric Doumbé continues to push Kamaru Usman without mercy

During a visit to our colleagues at Mouv ‘, the native of Douala continued to dig the furrow of this rivalry with Usman, very clearly opening the door to the fact that the former UFC welterweight champion is his first opponent in case of arrival in the federation. And of course, the nerve and provocation sliders were turned to the maximum:

Usman, Usman, Usman… The knockout still stung you. Oh yeah, the shin in the head doesn’t please everyone. Me it will not be a tibia. No, no, I don’t really like kicks to the head, all that… Feet are made for walking on the ground. No, I will be a potato. Several potatoes even.

I don’t think I’m going to turn you off. I’m going to put one in you, you’re going to stagger, a second, a third… After that I’m going to finish you off, hammer blow. I like hammer blows. So behind the house, whenever you want. I’m coming, I know where to find you, at the UFC. In the top 10 huh, because the belt is over now. Top 10, here I come.

I just hope that Edwards didn’t kill your career, because if I come in and you have six losses, we’re going to say, “Yeah well, he took Usman, he’s slammed”. Still stay second or third, and when I get there I’ll turn you off. I know where to find you, don’t worry, I’m coming. Not moving. Don’t retire, wait for me.

Between provocation and clear and distinct threats, Cédric Doumbé continues to try to get Kamaru Usman out of his hinges. One thing is certain: the French would be well offered the scalp of the “Nigerian Nightmare” for his debut at the UFC, and we can understand it. The file is on fire, and it will be to be watched very closely…

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