Super League, it’s getting clearer

The Super League is rising from its ashes. New name, ten commitments from its creators: the dissident competition believes in its future.

The Super League is dead, long live the European Football League. After the resounding failure of the launch of the first version of the Super League in April 2021, now the company in charge of promoting the competition returns to the charge. This Thursday, A22 Sports presented the ten pillars of its new project through a press release relayed by The Team. With in the first place, to try to make a clean sweep of the past, a change of name.

According to the promoter, this European Football League should include sixty to eighty clubs, all based on the principle of meritocracy. In other words, no club will be guaranteed to have its napkin ring “ad vitam aeternam”. For participants, a minimum of fourteen European matches per season will be guaranteed, specifies A22 Sports Management which adds that “ the calculation of the number of annual matches will be studied in such a way that the health of the players is preserved.

European justice will have the last word

The promoter does not forget to attack UEFA by explaining that ” European club competitions should (…) be managed by the clubs, not by third parties who profit from them without assuming any risk“. And the official validation of this “new look” Super League will be decided in the spring by the Court of Justice of the European Union, which will have to say whether UEFA’s current monopoly in the complete and total management of European club competitions is illegal or not.

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