SSD for PS5: one of the best on the market is reduced in its 2TB version!

News bon plan SSD for PS5: one of the best on the market is reduced in its 2TB version!

PS5s are finally flowing on store shelves! If you have just acquired yours, it is time to increase the storage space! Because with all the games in the console catalog, the initial memory will not be enough!

We currently find at Amazon the 980 Pro from Samsung, an SSD which is able to increase the memory of the latest console from Sony, the PlayStation 5. The latter offers a storage space of approximately 800GB. But between the operating system and the different software, you will realize that the space you have left will not last long.

Indeed, with titles that easily exceed 50GB, and updates and other additions, you will quickly find yourself having to delete games to be able to add new ones.

By adding a 2TB SSD, you can forget about this problem! Indeed, the PS5 can quite handle this kind of memory expansion. It can store the games there, but also launch them from this same medium. So you won’t need to delete games anymore!

Offered basic at nearly 270€, the support is now available for just over 200€ at Amazon!

The Samsung 980 Pro: an SSD cut out for the PS5!

The Samsung 980 Pro is one of the most powerful SSDs on the market today, thanks to its PCIe 4.0 interface. Indeed, the 980 Pro allows for speeds of up to 7000MB/s read and 5000MB/s write, more than what the PS5’s internal SSD offers. In short, this means that your applications will run in a flash, your games will load instantly, and everything will be smoother (provided you have a CPU that holds up).

This peak performance also makes it possible to take advantage of the direct link between GPU and storage, known as SAM (Smart Access Memory) at AMD and Resizeable BAR (Base Address Register) at Nvidia.

On top of that, this version of Samsung’s SSD has a custom heat sink! So you just have to take the SSD out of its box and immediately put it in your PS5!

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