Russell Westbrook soon cut by Utah, the two leaders on pole for him!

If he is now a Jazz player, Russell Westbrook should quickly negotiate a buy-out with his new team. Inevitably, the competition is watching the file closely and two franchises in particular are in the running to welcome it to their homes.

So it’s official, the passage of Russell Westbrook at the Lakers only lasted a year and a half. If he has successfully converted into a sixth man this season, the experience remains a real fiasco. Absent from the playoffs in 2021-22, the Pourpres et Ors are not much better this year and the association of the leader with LeBron James and Anthony Davis will ultimately never have worked.

Now, it’s on the jazz side whether the 2017 MVP will continue his career… or not. Because to be honest, it’s hard to see the Brodie staying longer than a few hours in the Salt Lake City roster. On the one hand, it is not part of the projects of its new franchise, which wishes to rebuild around a young core which has pleasantly surprised since the start of the campaign.

On the other hand, it should also be remembered that relations between the former Thunder and Wizards and the Mormon public have been particularly strained for years. When he was still playing at OKC, RW had been the victim of racist insults in the middle of a match by them and had even gotten into a fight with a supporter in the process. Suffice to say that a cohabitation seems impossible…

Miami and Clippers monitor Westbrook case

A departure is therefore to be expected, but it will certainly not be again via a trade. Instead, it is the thesis of the buy-out which would be privileged in Utah and inevitably, that interests the competition. The Bulls have been quoted as interested in the No.

We should keep an eye on the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers if Russell Westbrook is released from his contract.

For once, we can hardly imagine the outcry that would represent the arrival of WestBeast at the Angelinos, since it would then have simply passed to the sworn enemy of the Purples and Golds. In both cases, however, such a move would make sense since he has shown this season he can bring things off the bench. To be continued, then.

Russell Westbrook should not make old bones at the Jazz, remains to be seen who will recover it. Unless the Mormons decide to keep him, taking advantage of his contract expiring this summer to afford enormous financial leeway for free agency.

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