Dwyane Wade, the most prolific passer of LeBron James’ career

24 hours after LeBron James became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, Big League statisticians have unveiled a rather interesting ranking. Who are the players who have made the most assists at the King? Number 1 (Dwyane Wade) makes total sense.

With 38,390 points, LeBron James is officially at the top of the all-time scoring charts. But behind every scorer hides a passer and if Russell Westbrook is a little hero in his own way by having delivered the pass leading to the King’s record, the NBA has unveiled an unusual stat: the players who have made the most assists at LBJ . Dwyane Wade is in the lead and absolutely no one is surprised.

With 337 assists, Flash has therefore greatly contributed to the Chosen One record. During their four seasons together in Miami alone, D-Wade entertained his pal 313 times, while the other 24 assists came in Cleveland, though Wade’s staunchest fans would forget he ever played. in Ohio.

A ranking in which we find in second place … Eric Snow, who was there during the first passage of the King and who blacked out LeBron 292 times. Monsieur Neige led the Cavaliers for four years (from 2004 to 2008), followed by Mario Chalmers (271 assists at the Heat), Mo Williams (228 assists at the Cavs) and Kevin Love who closes the Top 5 with 225 caviars full of love.

Another notable figure, Kyrie Irving is 6th in the standings, with “only” 209 assists. Quite surprising to see Uncle Drew in this place when we know the relationship and the connection between the two men, and we also notice the presence of Russell Westbrook (171), when the two men only played a season and a half together. Anthony Davis is also in discussion with 111 assists.

Source texte : NBA stats, Basketball Reference

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