After the Westbrook trade, Larsa Pippen at the heart of a big drama at the Lakers?!

Awaited for months by some fans, the departure of Russell Westbrook from the Lakers has finally come. Concluded overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, it could also lead to a most uncomfortable situation in Los Angeles… because of Larsa Pippen!

Over the weeks, it had become almost impossible to imagine him wearing the Purple & Gold jersey beyond the trade deadline. The divorce between the Lakers and Russell Westbrook indeed seemed to be acted upon, and has finally materialized in the last few hours. The consideration obtained by the Angelinos is a priori interesting from a sporting point of view, but could nevertheless cause some discomfort in the locker room.

Tensions to come around Larsa Pippen at the Lakers?

Sent to the Jazz as part of a huge 3-team trade (all the details can be found here), Russ notably sees Malik Beasley taking the opposite path to his. Also a candidate for the title of 6th Man of the Year, the 26-year-old fullback represents a fine recruit for LA. On the other hand, his future collaboration with a very specific member of Darvin Ham’s workforce may prove to be the least … awkward:

Malik Beasley and Scotty Pippen Jr. Are Now Teammates… Here’s Beasley With His Mom

Son of the sulphurous Larsa, Scotty Pippen Jr. had seen the latter flirting and appearing publicly on Beasley’s arm a few months ago. This love affair had then caused a lot of ink to flow, and earned the player a divorce request. In the midst of all this, the young leader of the South Bay Lakers tried somehow to stay focused on his basketball career, but admitted to having difficulty overcoming.

The relationship between the two new teammates will therefore be one to watch in the City of Angels, even if Larsa has since rebounded on the sentimental level, recently making her controversial new couple official. For the time being, this improbable meeting father-in-law / son amuses in any case a lot of Internet users, who enjoy commenting on it on social networks:

Malik Beasley when he faces Scotty Pippen Jr. in his first practice with the Lakers this week

Almost unnoticed on this turbulent pre-deadline night, the reunion between Malik Beasley and Scotty Pippen Jr. at the Lakers promises to be embarrassing. Fortunately, Larsa’s son spends more time in the G-League than in the NBA!

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