Wild Hearts is revealed more in video – Wild Hearts

Communication around the AAA watch hunting game from Omega Force and EA, Wild Hearts, has continued to intensify in recent weeks. Recently, we were treated to a gameplay trailer featuring the kemono named “Golden Storm”. Today, players can discover brand new trailer.

Wild Hearts looks back on its history on video

This new visual communication, essentially composed of synthetic images and not of gameplay sequences, gives us a recap of the history of Wild Hearts and the context in which the narrated events take place. Thus, for several centuries, the inhabitants of the village of Minato, face the kemono (boss) present in the world of Azuma.

In order to defend themselves and confront the kemono, the latter (and therefore the players) can count on an ancestral technology, the Karakuri. By the way, in said trailer we can see that this technology makes it possible to create various weapons, tools but also platforms. According to information shared on the official website, in Wild Hearts, we will thus have access to three types of Karakuri : “basic”, “merged” and “draconic”. It is, moreover, by mastering this technology that players will be able to defeat the Kemono, which are also presented in this video.

As a reminder, Wild Hearts has a multiplayer dimension and cross-play functionality, but will not have microtransactions. Wild Hearts arrives February 17, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC (system requirements). Several editions and pre-order bonuses are planned.

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