Tinder finally adds THE feature to go under the radar

News JVTech Tinder finally adds THE feature to go under the radar

The number 1 dating app, Tinder, will finally give its users a feature they’ve been waiting for a long time! With it, you can say goodbye to chance encounters that you would have done without.

Tinder: the number 1 dating app

Dating applications are now completely part of our daily lives. There are an almost indecent number of them and they all have a different function, allowing you to break the ice easily. To realize their ubiquity, just take a look at the data shared by Statesman in June 2022. The research group was indeed interested in the “Distribution of French couples in France in 2021, according to where their current partner met”.

And you know what ? The result is unequivocal, since in first position, we find with a score of 22% the answer “via a dating site or application”. A significant figure which undoubtedly has a close link with the number 1 dating app, namely Tinder. In effect, the application developed by Match Group, has been at the top of the rankings for several years, despite falling downloads. But to combat this regression, the thinking heads of Tinder are constantly coming up with new features to compete with the star of the moment Fruitz. Latest novelty, adding an incognito mode that users have been waiting for a long time.

Tinder finally offers an incognito mode

If you’ve ever tried Tinder, you probably know that suggested profiles appear based on your location. Therefore – especially if you live in a village or in a small town – it is not uncommon to come across the profile of a person you know and whom you did not want to have anything to do with the application. It can be a colleague, a friend, or even a member of your family and when that happens, it’s usually too late, since it’s very likely that this person has also already seen your profile.

Tinder finally adds THE feature to go under the radar

But there, after more than 10 years of existence, Tinder finally launches an incognito mode which makes it possible to avoid fortuitous meetings by interposed profiles. Indeed, by choosing this option, it will still be possible to be seen, but only by likes. But that’s not all, the Match Group teams have also added a feature to completely block a profilewhich can be particularly handy for crossing off an ex’s profile, for example.

In addition, the application also continues its fight against inappropriate messages. From now on, Tinder questions people receiving questionable messages to find out if they were offended. In the same way, the app also intervenes at the time of writing by asking the sender if they are sure they want to send such a message. In short, it must be understood here that Tinder is currently working hard to make the user experience more pleasant, at all levels. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the incognito mode is – for now and maybe forever – reserved for Tinder Plus subscribers.

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