The mixtape of LeBron James’ career made by the NBA!

On a legendary night out for LeBron James, the NBA obviously put on its 31 to send all kinds of content to its networks. In this vein, we therefore happily discovered this ten-minute mixtape produced by the NBA, a video that traces the entire career of the King. Come on, popcorn.

June 2003, February 2023. No need to have done super math to understand that LeBron James has dominated the NBA for 20 years now. Last night LBJ reached an absolutely historic milestone, becoming the top scorer in the history of the Great League, ahead of the no less legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. We talked about it, a lot, too much for some and not enough for our taste, and on this occasion in any case, the NBA decided to give us one more gift with this ten-minute mixtape retracing the main lines of the immense King’s career.

All that’s left to do is settle into your most beautiful seat and bring a bowl of popcorn, just let yourself go and follow the path indicated. Enjoy!

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