the game Harry Potter already explodes a record

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy smashes the record for streaming views on Twitch, becoming the most watched single-player game in the history of the platform.

It’s party time for Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software. After the excellent first tests ofHowarts Legacythe new video game in the universe of Harry Potter seems set to break everything at the start of the year. With the JK Rowling controversy (and the various calls for a boycott), there is no doubt that Warner had apprehensions about the release of his game. After the chaos of fantastic animalsa new oven for the Wizarding World license could have been deadly for it.

However (and as often) the controversy will have had more voices than bodies, and finally seems to have had little effect in the face of the majority enthusiasm for Hogwarts Legacy. The proof lies in the incredible success of the game even before its official release. It is this February 10 that the next-gen school of wizardry is supposed to open its doors to the general public. Despite everything, the game is already breaking everything on the streaming platform Twitch, thanks to its early access.

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the Hogwarts Legacy phenomenon

For all purchasers of its Deluxe Edition, Hogwarts Legacy was released three days before its global launch. Many streamers have thus been able to jump on the game in preview in order to discover whether or not the return to Hogwarts is just as enchanting as the films and books of the franchise. And this, in the company of a legion of curious. A remarkable publicity stunt whose effectiveness has already exceeded all expectations.

It is obvious that the game Harry Potter unleashes passions. But it is now clear that he also ignores reluctance. After just one day, Hogwarts Legacy became the most-watched single-player game in Twitch streaming history. With a peak of 1.3 million concurrent viewers (according to TwitchTracker), the game went over the record of Cyberpunk 2077 (1.1 million spectators in December 2020).

A feat that confirms that Hogwarts Legacy is already a phenomenonin the same way as a certain Elder Ringwhich had landed at the same time in 2022 (but whose peak never exceeded 177,000 simultaneous spectators!).

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy: PhotoTo play Hogwarts Legacy or not? The sorting hat will not decide for you

next step: sales

According to Ginx.tvthe only games to have attracted more spectators at the same time are, to date: Valuing (1.72 million in April 2020), League of Legends (1.78 million in November 2019) and Fortnite (2.3 million in June 2020). Two of these games have achieved these records during a pandemic, and in the midst of the explosion of Twitch and streaming.

Also, being competitive games, they are more popular than narrative and single-player games on the platform. The fourth placeHogwarts Legacy in this ranking of records is therefore even more impressive.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy: Photo Resident Evil 4 le remake

It remains to be seen whether the game’s sales will live up to its apparent popularity. We are still rather optimistic, especially when we know that it has been so far the top 1 seller (pre-order only) on Steam, far ahead of its competitors. In short, Warner and Avalanche seem to have already succeeded in their bet to install the license Harry Potter in the world of video games in a serious way. Official response from February 10.

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