Tektonix, Biopix, Grotadefrix… the best character names

If the albums ofAsterix signed René Goscinny make people laugh as much by their dialogues as by their gags, their most cult aspect is perhaps the names given to the different characters. Entirely made of puns, their ending changes according to the origin of the people who wear them. Although the films taken from the albums are of variable quality, they all had the good taste to respect this rule and do their part to lengthen the list of improbable names. Small anthology of these nuggets that were not in the comics.

The Gauls

The people of our good old Gaul are blessed with names all ending in “ix”, like the surname of the two heroes. In the animated film Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion, we discover a whole gallery of characters whose names bring the joke of Goscinnix up to date. Among them there is Tektonix, Cépasurnetflix, Selfix, lesquatrefantastix or Climatoseptix.

In the impressive procession of druids offered by the film, we also come across Grotadefrix, Bitnix or Inspecteurderrix. If this second part directed by Alexandre Astier is particularly prolific in the field, we also recognize Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom the finds Titanix et Biopix to name the colleagues of our friends from Armorix.


The Romans

In the invader, the name always ends in “us”, just to awaken the trauma of Latin lessons in any self-respecting dunce. Thus, in Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatrathe irreducible Gauls will cross paths with the very muscular Menubestofpluswhile in Asterix at the Olympic Gamesthey will deal with Couverdepus et doctormabus. In Asterix: The Domain of the Godswe meet Apeldjus and also some Work more to earn morewhose name proves how the gag invented by Goscinny adapts wonderfully over the years as long as we show… astuteness.

Asterix at the Olympic Games: photo, Alain DelonCeuquivonmourirtesalus


Cleopatra’s subjects all have names ending in “is”, like Edifis. It is obviously in Asterix: Mission Cleopatra that are the most beautiful inventions in this field, since if everyone remembersItineris, Malococsis et Guimieukis (understand “give me a kiss”), we also hear about Feudartifis, Sucettalanis, Cetaparis, From books, The connection, ohis, Toumeheris, hissaintdenis et Ouécharlis. Even animals also have the right to their nickname, especially Cleopatra’s ferocious crocodiles who are named Dirty, Loveandpis and… Serge (probably a smart guy who wanted to be interesting).

Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission: Photo Alain Chabat, Monica BellucciFémoilabis

The Bretons and the Normans

At Asterix, the Bretons are the equivalent of our English. Like good cousins, their names look very similar to those of the Gauls: they all end in “ax”. So it’s in the movie Asterix and Obelix: At Her Majesty’s Service that we find the sportsman Pilliébaxand that we appreciate the false English name that Jolitorax finds for the troublesome Goudurix: Tetaclax. But it is also in this film that the heroes face the terrible Normans, led by their leader Grossebaf. The film invents him two new minions called Tetedepiaf et Yadutaf.

Asterix & Obelix: At the service of Her Majesty: photo, Catherine DeneuveChateaudax

Very nice additions to the long list of genius names that make up the identity of the comic strip, and which remind us that each of the adaptations will have at least been able to bring its stone to this edifice. Did we forget any? Add them in comments! And to read our opinion on Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empirehere is the critix!

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