“Rudy Gobert? It’s a 2m16 Ben Simmons.

While the NBA microcosm focused its attention on Los Angeles and LeBron James, the Timberwolves were badly humiliated by Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets. Besides, Rudy Gobert may have had the worst game of his season. THE critiques have been lively on social media after this complete fiasco.

It’s hard to believe, but there were other games than the Lakers on Tuesday in the NBA. So obviously all eyes were on Los Angeles and LeBron James for his record, but the other grounds were also instructive. For example in Brooklyn, the young Cam Thomas proved that he could largely replace the offensive production of Kyrie Irving with a new XXL box.

At the Knicks, Evan Fournier again had proof that he was just a pawn that Tom Thibodeau got rid of as he saw fit. After a remarkable comeback and his best offensive performance of the season in the victory against the Sixers, the back of the French team was put on the end of the bench and he did not come back against the Magic… Can’t wait for the trade deadline.

Rudy Gobert massacred by Nikola Jokic

And he was not the only Frenchman in difficulty, since Rudy Gobert may have been the author of his worst game of the year… In the Timberwolves’ large defeat against the Nuggets, the pivot was unfortunately ghostly with only 5 rebounds and 1 counter counter. A line of stats that earned him a nasty comparison:

Rudy Gobert in the crushing defeat against the Nuggets: 0 point to 0/2 shooting. A 2m16 Ben Simmons

Not only was Rudy Gobert non-existent offensively, but he was not at his usual level defensively. The proof, Nikola Jokic was already in triple-double before half-time, which says a lot about his domination. Inevitably, the criticism was strong against the French, who does not really have the right to make mistakes in the eyes of Minnesota fans.

Rudy Gobert is so bad. We traded half the team, draft picks, and a better/younger Rudy Gobert for it. Worst trade in history.

Rudy Gobert was facing a real test on Tuesday, but he was totally extinguished by Nikola Jokic, unable to stand revenge defensively. The pivot is renowned for his qualities in the field, so inevitably, his lack of impact has been strongly criticized.

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