Reassembled, Nando De Colo sharply tackles the Minister of Sports after LeBron’s record!

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LeBron James isn’t the only one to have made history these last days, since before his incredible NBA record, it was Nando De Colo who became the all-time leading scorer in the European Cup. Congratulated by the Minister of Sports Oudéa-Castéra, the leader of the France team gave a good rant on social networks.

In the space of just a few days, two huge points records have fallen on the basketball planet. The most publicized, and the most mythical, is obviously that of LeBron James, who became the leading scorer in NBA history on Tuesday. But at the end of last week, another monument added a line to its legend.

Nando De Colo responds to the Minister of Sports

Since Friday, Nando De Colo has been the all-time leading scorer in the European Cup, yet another monumental feat for the France team. If his passage across the Atlantic was not significant, he rebounded perfectly by becoming a legend of continental competitions, culminating in a EuroLeague MVP title in 2016.

Like the King in Los Angeles, the leader of ASVEL received many compliments and many tributes after breaking this historic record. The Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra also wanted to congratulate Nando De Colo, a great representative of French basketball internationally, but showing real clumsiness.

For years, Nando De Colo has carried the colors of the tricolor flag high in Europe. But obviously, his exploits, his record, and his importance for French sport do not allow him to pass LeBron James in the eyes of the Minister, who preferred to greet the King before the Blue. We can obviously understand his disappointment in the face of so much clumsiness.

The Minister had several days to congratulate Nando De Colo and highlight French basketball, but she preferred to wait the feat of LeBron James to kill two birds with one stone. A regrettable and regretted decision.

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