Nintendo offers you a special collector’s item for the purchase of a Zelda game!

News bon plan Nintendo offers you a special collector’s item for the purchase of a Zelda game!

The Legend of Zelda license may be 37 years old this year, but it is still strong in its successes and continues to reveal its secrets behind the creation of the games as well as the kingdom of Hyrule. Thanks to a special operation, Fnac is offering you a special collector’s item showing you behind the scenes of this cult saga with the purchase of a Zelda game on Nintendo Switch!

A 48-page artbook offered with the purchase of a Zelda game on Nintendo Switch!

The output of The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom fast approaching and it is likely that we will see more offers of this kind in the coming weeks. At the moment, at Fnac, you will be able to acquire a 48-page artbook taken from the official encyclopedia of the license with the purchase of a Zelda game on Nintendo Switch.

The official encyclopedia in question, “Hyrule Historia”, was published in 2013 and looks back on the first 25 years of the history of the license. No information on the most recent Zelda games, but there is still exclusive content. If you are interested in the full version of the encyclopedia, it is available for €34.99 at Fnac, Cultura, Amazon, etc…

To get your hands on this artbook, you need to buy one of these three Zelda games released on the Switch: Breath of the Wildthe remake of Link’s Awakening and the HD port of Skyward Sword. The artbook contains a lot of data about the Zelda universe such as information about Link provided by the creators themselves.

As we said above, the complete encyclopedia contains new content such as an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto himself, illustrations and even a 32-page manga by Akira Himekawa based on Skyward Sword. And yes, almost all The Legend of Zelda opuses have had their adaptation in manga,Ocarina of Time To Twilight Princess Passing by Phantom of Hourglass.

Note that the encyclopedia also contains the official and oh so complex chronology of all the gamesexcept Breath of the Wild, as well as explanations on the why and how. For the uninitiated, just know that the timeline splits into three distinct friezes from Ocarina of Time. Looks like Link’s time travel has created an impossible mess in the course of time.

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