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Melissa Barrera and her friends show their fangs against Ghostface in the new trailer for Scream 6.

2022 had allowed several horrific productions to do well at the box office. Smile (more than 216 million, for a budget of 17), Scream (more than 140 million, for a budget of 24) or even Terrifier 2 (nearly 15 million, for a budget of 250,000 dollars) were thus illustrated. And 2023 has started well for the genre since M3GANthe feminine variant of Chuckyhas already collected nearly 160 million.

Scream VI hopes of course to continue on this momentum, and that’s why it was written and filmed so quickly, in order to land in theaters only 14 months later Scream 5 (a little more than the 12 months between the first two Scream).

In the meantime, the sixth episode of the saga continues its promotional campaign and prepares the ground for the return of Ghosface. With this in mind, a trailer for Scream VI presented the arrival of the killer in New York. And, no doubt to mark this Super Bowl period, the masked assassin has shown himself again on video.

After a fairly classic escape scene that makes its protagonists dizzy, this trailer focuses more on the stakes of the upcoming movie. We understand very quickly that the victims seem determined to make the murderer(s) bite the dust, visibly admirer(s) of the former incarnations of Ghost Face (see the plan of the altar). As for Sam, everything suggests that she will establish herself as the new Sidney Prescott (the heroine played by Neve Campbell not returning to Scream 6unless HUGE surprise).

As a reminder, Scream VI is directed by duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (who had served on Scream 5). They are not the only ones to return since Courteney Cox, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown and of course Hayden Panettiere (left for dead in Scream 4) will be here.

“I do not answer spam calls”

We therefore only have a few more weeks to wait before knowing the identity of the executioners and survivors of the carnage to come. Will New York become the new El Dorado for Ghostface? Scream 6 will it be better than reheated Scream 5 ? Will we be entitled to the version Scream of Friday the 13th, Chapter 8: The Ultimate Return (Jason Takes Manhattan) ?

Answer to all these questions this March 8, 2023, the date of the theatrical release of Scream VI.

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