NBA program: Celtics – Sixers and Kyrie Irving’s debut with Dallas

Tonight no all-time record on the program, but nine matches, some of which should not be missed. In the first place ? A huge clash in the East and… Kyrie Irving’s debut with the Mavericks.


  • 1h : Cavs – Pistons
  • 1h : Wizards – Hornets
  • 1h30: Celtics-Sixers (live on BeIN Sports 1)
  • 1h30: Heat – Pacers (live and in VO on BeIN Sports 4)
  • 1h30: Raptors – Spurs
  • 2h: Rockets – Kings
  • 3h : Jazz – Wolves
  • 4h : Clippers – Mavs
  • 4h : Blazers – Warriors (live and in original version on BeIN Sports 5)


Celtics-Sixers, 1:30 a.m., in Boston, Massachusetts. The best team in the League against the fourth, two enormous war machines in the East, two pairs of All-Stars, yes yes. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown on one side, James Harden and Joel Embiid on the other, a boiling TD Garden and a loss that would see the Celtics joined by the League-leading Nuggets? No need to draw you a picture, this match is indeed THE clash of the night. And as life is definitely too well done, at the end of this shock you will only have to settle in front of the beginnings of a certain… Kyrie Irving.


  • An unbalanced match between the exciting Cavaliers and the depressing Pistons.
  • A fun game between the Wizards and the Hornets.
  • Things are going much better in Miami and the Pacers are starting to fall into line. Do you see the jerk coming here?
  • A friendly Leonardico between Spurs and Raptors, two franchises that think more about the trade deadline than about winning games.
  • If the Kings win tonight in Houston? They will have won more games than last season. And there are 28 left to play.
  • A friendly Gobertico between a team that surprises and another that disappoints.
  • Kyrie Irving’s probable debut with the Mavericks jersey
  • Damian Lillard vs Stephen Curry Jordan Poole.

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