Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into Bing with new features and improvements

The AI ​​war between the two web giants, MicrosoftMicrosoft and Google, done ragerage Right now. Just a day after Google announced its Bard chatbot, Microsoft officially unveiled the integration of theArtificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence in Bing, as well as in its NavigatorNavigator edge. Users had already been able to test the service at the end of last week, Microsoft having accidentally put it online.

For the search engine, Microsoft announces four new features. Classic search would be improved with more relevant results. Bing would also be able to combine several results into a single answer, for example to give instructions for replacing eggs in a cake recipe. The search engine will also be more interactiveinteractive, with a chat function to clarify a request, specify a context or other parameters, and refine the results. AI can also help users who lack inspiration, to write a message, plan a trip or even create a quiz.

An AI “more powerful than ChatGPT”

Microsoft uses a new language model more powerful than ChatGPT and adapted specifically for research. The AI ​​is most certainly based on OpenAI’s GPT 4 model, an improved version of ChatGPTChatGPTwhich works with GPT 3.5.

The set of techniques that the firm has developed to interact with OpenAI’s AI in a way optimized for a search engine, with results that are always up to date (unlike ChatGPT, whose database stops in 2021) was named Microsoft PrometheusPrometheus. The firm says that using AI to improve the ranking of traditional search results “ led to the biggest increase in relevance in twenty years ».

An AI in the browser that interacts with the opened page

Microsoft has also integrated this new AI into its Edge browser. THE softwaresoftware will benefit from two new features. The first allows you to chat with the AI, for example to ask it to summarize a page. Microsoft gives the example of a financial report. The AI ​​could pull out the key numbers, put them in a table, and add another company’s results to it for comparison. The software can also assist in writing a message for social networkssocial networks or an email, and even edit the text to change the tone, format or length.

Currently, the new version of Bing is reserved for a lucky few. To access it, you must register on the waiting list, available directly from the Bing home page. Microsoft says millions of people should be able to preview the new search engine in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the search engine offers a small selection of predefined queries to see what interactions with the AI ​​will look like.

ChatGPT soon in the Bing search engine

Microsoft has mistakenly released a new version of its Bing search engine integrating the ChatGPT chatbot. An error quickly corrected, but some users had time to try it and take screenshots.

Article d’Edward BackEdward Backpublished on 06/02/2023

Those who follow ChatGPT news no doubt know that Microsoft intends to integrate it into several of its software and services, including Microsoft Word (read our article below) and the Bing search engine. For the latter, the launch is expected for the month of March, but it could arrive earlier than expected. Several users reported discovering the new interface containing ChatGPT this Friday, billed as “ the new Bing ».

Access to the new version of Bing only lasted a few minutes before it disappeared, but a few experienced users had time to take screenshots. Bing will use an improved version of ChatGPT, based on the GPT-4 language model and with up-to-date information. The current publicly available version of ChatGPT is based on GPT-3.5 and its databasedatabase was discontinued in 2021.

A new stage in the war of search engines?

According to Owen Yin, who had time to test the service, the search bar is replaced by a text field that can accommodate up to 1,000 characters, allowing you to ask a question and add context or instructions. The service will perform a search and display a summary of the results. For each claim, Bing will indicate the source of the information, which will make it easier to verify its veracity. Just like ChatGPT, Bing will be able to function as a chatbot. He will therefore also be able to write a speech, ask questions, or even generate a travel itinerary.

Microsoft also addressed some criticisms of ChatGPT, which is capable of outputting false information, and added a caveat that ” surprises and errors are possible “. Of course, it will be possible to switch between the new interface and the classic search. Google does not intend to be left behind and has already planned a conference ” Live from Paris This Wednesday, February 8, at 2:30 p.m., where the firm should announce a new version of its search engine integrating its own Artificial Intelligence called Sparrow.

Microsoft invests in the integration of ChatGPT in Word!

Microsoft is currently working to integrate ChatGPT artificial intelligence into its Office suite. This functionality could radically change the way of writing documents, which would be generated from a few keywords.

Article by Edward Back, published on 01/14/2023

Definitely, OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot continues to be talked about. A small revolution in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), this model based on GPT-3 is stunning in its ability to handle natural language. So much so that Microsoft wants to integrate it into its products.

The first to benefit will be Bing. According Bloomberg, the firm has been working for months to integrate it into its search engine, and could launch this new version as early as March. The aim would be to offer more relevant results with a stylestyle more conversational in order to better compete with Google. However, the chatbot has a tendency to provide incorrect responses, an issue that Microsoft will need to address first.

An investment of ten billion dollars

Microsoft then intends to go much further and integrate ChatGPT into Office software, according to The Information. Thanks to its natural language skills, the AI ​​could assist users in Word by suggesting the use of other words, or even other turns of phrase. ChatGPT could even write entire documents or rewrite texts for clarity. In Outlook, he could write replies, and assist the user when he searches for a message in his mailbox. receptionreception, without having to provide a specific keyword. The AI ​​could even learn the user’s writing style in order to reproduce it in the generated texts.

Microsoft had already invested a billion dollars in OpenAI in 2019. According to Bloomberg, the giant of Redmond would have decided to invest there another 10 billion dollars spread over several years. OpenAI, which is currently working on GPT-4, the successor to GPT-3 that could be released in 2024, could then be worth $29 billion.

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