James Cameron admits DiCaprio could have survived, but on one condition

While Titanic is back in theaters, James Cameron confessed that Leonardo DiCaprio could have survived (but on an impossible condition).

Avatar 2 smashed it all in theaters as it became the fourth-highest-grossing box office of all time. Its director James Cameron is rather busy at the moment, preparing the theatrical release of his 1997 monument, Titanic. This tells a fictional love story between Jack and Rose, two passengers from opposite social classes embarked on the tragedy of the ship sunk by an iceberg in 1912. The film had on its release unleashed passions and had quickly become a success. colossal, both critically and financially (2.1 billion dollars in revenue, absolute record until the release… ofAvatar12 years later).

But if there is a question on which no one has managed to decide since, it is that around the death of Jack, the hero from the third class camped by Leonardo DiCaprio. Remember, at the end of the film, as the Titanic disaster takes place, he finds himself with his beloved Rose (played by Kate Winslet) in the freezing waters of the Atlantic. As she keeps afloat on a wooden door, Jack, without a lifejacket and his body submerged, ends up freezing to death, in a heartbreaking scene now cult. But could he have survived? The question is constantly posed to director James Cameron, who wanted once and for all to put an end to the debate.

The scene that made the cottages cry

And when Cameron does something, he does it well. To stop being harassed by hordes of fans who claim that DiCaprio’s character could have easily fit on the doorstep with Rose, the director of Terminator called on a scientific team and actors to reenact the scene. Narrated in the documentary Titanic: 25 Years Later With James Cameron on National Geographic, the experiment consists of testing several different scenarios, with actors loaded with sensors to achieve the most serious result. Conclusion : yes, Jack could have survived, if Rose had given him his life jacket. But there is a but, and James Cameron says it:

“He’s stabilized. He finds himself in a situation where, had this choice been made, he could have survived until the arrival of the lifeboat. Jack could have lived, but there are a lot of variables. I believe his train of thought is, “I’m not going to do anything to endanger her.” And it’s 100% in line with his character. »

So that’s a definitive answer.. And for those still convinced that Jack could have stood on the door, know that the test has been done, and that it results in probable death for the two protagonists, both held partly in the water. If the choice of Cameron could be debated, it is actually the perfect end for his film, but also for his hero, who demonstrates his altruism throughout the plot. By sacrificing himself to save Rose, Jack is consecrated as the ultimate tragic hero of Titanicand that’s also why we love him (and why we refuse to accept his death).

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