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While strolling in Hogwarts and its surroundings on Hogwarts Legacy, you will have the opportunity to discover many things, whether it be side and quick activities, such as helping a comrade or an NPC, but also quests that are a little more advanced, even complex, given that no indication is given, except for a few clues, not necessarily easy to understand. This is the case of the quest named The specter of our love.

How to complete the quest The specter of our love on Hogwarts Legacy?

This quest can be called secret, given that you have to pick up a scroll (in the aviary on our side), which turns out to be a treasure map. By reading it, you discover his name, The specter of our lovebut not much more, except that it is necessary to find floating candles, which will lead us to a treasure.

However, as you have surely noticed, this map is not very telling, although it shows us a bridge and a forest, suggesting to direct our research towards an area outside of Hogwarts. You can also consult it at any time by going to the inventory.

If you don’t know where to look to validate the quest The Specter of Our Love on Hogwarts Legacy, open your map and go to the teleporter named “Forbidden Forest”. On site, you will probably recognize the arch and the bridge in the image. To follow this quest, it must be dark. You can pass the time by going to the map and pressing the “F” key on PC or the right stick on the gamepad.

Go to the small stone bridge, and cast “Lumos”. Floating candles should appear, and follow them to discover the treasure. After a short walk in the Forbidden Forest, which is normally not dangerous, you will finally find the treasure, which is nothing more or less than a treasure seeker’s scarf. Note that this is an appearance and does not provide any bonuses.

As a bonus, you’ll even get EXP for completing the quest The specter of our love, which is always good to take, especially with a view to gaining levels to unlock new talent points.

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