Big turnaround for Kevin Durant in Brooklyn?!

After the departure of Kyrie Irving, the Nets have quickly made it clear to the other teams that Kevin Durant was not available on the market and that he remained an essential player in the squad… But obviously, things could quickly change between now and the trade deadline!

The Nets could have completely thrown in the towel after the latest betrayal by Kyrie Irving and deciding to end the Kyrie/Kevin Durant chapter, considered by some to be the biggest fiasco in league history. But Sean Marks and owner Joe Tsai obviously see things differently. They always make the title a priority, despite the departure of the leader.

It must be said that with Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith, coach Jacque Vaughn could set up one of the best defenses in the NBA, while relying on the extraordinary offensive talent of KD and his young protege. Cam Thomas. The latter, totally released for a few days, chains the matches to 40 pointswhich is quite promising.

Kevin Durant finally on the start?!

Because optimism is always in order in Brooklyn, the leaders have already made it clear to the other teams that Kevin Durant was not available on the market, since he remains an important or even essential pawn in the quest for the title… But it is a posture that could quickly change in the coming hours.

The Nets’ position on Kevin Durant could change according to Brian Windhorst: “There has been an interesting development in Brooklyn in the last 48 hours and the departure of Kyrie Irving, I’m told. »

Several teams say negotiations are impacted by Kevin Durant, because teams are waiting to see if he will be available. The leaders are therefore holding back from making large transactions until they have more clarity on their situation.

Brian Windhorst is always very mysterious in his declarations, but his information is often good. When he says that Kevin Durant’s situation is likely to change quickly, it’s because he had to talk to several leaders who feel the Nets are gradually cracking. The trade deadline promises to be thrilling!

At first, the Nets refused to change Kevin Durant and they always made the title a priority. But obviously things are moving fast in Brooklyn and a massive earthquake could turn the NBA upside down in the next few hours.

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