Victor Wembanyama humiliated, covered by a player 45cm shorter!

Still impressive with the Metropolitans this Friday, Victor Wembanyama however could not avoid the defeat of his team against Roanne. What’s more, he suffered the treatment he usually reserves for his opponents, countered by a player… 1m78 tall!

He and his teammates have definitely found their pet peeve in Betclic ÉLITE. Despite the huge performance of Victor Wembanyama, the Metropolitans lost again against the Chorale de Roanne (84-102). A result almost similar to that of last December (77-102), during which the French crack was able to discover the sensational jump of Stefan Moody, measured at only 1m78:

Wembanyama taped by the “minus” Stefan Moody

Already helpless during the last clash between the two teams, Wembanyama could then hide behind his poor physical condition today to explain its failure. However, this Friday, he seemed in full possession of his means, and demonstrated it with a line of pharamineuse stats. However, this did not prevent him from being subjected to Moody’s law again, but this time… on the contrary!

Despite the 45 centimeters that separate Wemby from his opponent, the latter knew how to perfectly combine timing and precision to deliver this viral block. A sequence that would almost recall the legendary one that saw Nate Robinson stop Yao Ming at high altitude. The neo-international tricolor nevertheless saved the honor, also covering the American rear during the meeting:

Who said Victor Wembanyama’s shot couldn’t be blocked? Stefan Moody has made sure to prove the opposite in recent hours, with an incredible highlight that will undoubtedly give hope to all the Frenchman’s future opponents!

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