The shock photo of Francis Ngannou, fatter than ever: “Where have the muscles gone? »

Now free of any contract, Francis Ngannou does not yet seem to know where his future will lie. He can therefore let himself go while waiting to be fixed on this point, and has just been savagely taken for his chubby physique by the fans!

To dominate the premier category of the UFC, it is better to display enormous power, capable of knocking down any opponent. Francis Ngannou had precisely this characteristic before leaving the federation, and owed it greatly to his incredible musculature. Ultra-developed, it had also made him the most terrifying man on the circuit. And what could be more logical seeing such images:

Francis Ngannou transformed, fans in shock

Colossus among the colossi in the heavyweight division, Ngannou should continue his journey in the -120kg, but in another organization than the UFC. For the time being, however, it is impossible to know which one he will join. In the meantime, the Predator can in any case afford a little letting go on the physical level… which he has obviously done in recent weeks according to his last Instagram post:

We stay focused 🎯

Much less sculptural than he may have been in the past, Francis is obviously no less appalling and intimidating. However, some Internet users were not afraid, and openly reported his weight gain in comments. Sometimes in an ultra-brazen way, not seeming to realize the danger that the Cameroonian still represents!

@tadrick_ : Where have the muscles gone?

@fireballmagicc : The guy could never have fought March 4th lol

@only_1_42nato : You look out of shape… Now that you quit the UFC, it looks like you focus more on cheeseburgers

@matchap73 : You look like “Rampage” (Quinton Jackson) now

@diattamamina55: But where are the abs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Still far from a return to competition, Francis Ngannou therefore does not have to inflict a drastic diet on himself, and therefore displays a higher fat mass rate than usual. A vision for which the fans did not hesitate to attack him!

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