A big French club refused Ismael Bennacer

Algerian international Ismael Bennacer could have landed in Ligue 1 two years ago, but the transfer fell through because of his agent.

Ismael Bennacer, the Algerian midfielder, is now one of the best players in the Italian Serie A. Last year, he was also one of the great architects of the conquest of the Scudetto from AC Milan. This talent could have been found in 2021 in Ligue 1. But, a combination of circumstances meant that his arrival did not materialize.

Bennacer didn’t come because of his agent

The club that could have hosted the 2019 African champion is Olympique Lyonnais. Contacts were advanced, but the Rhone leaders, led by Jean-Michel Aulas, changed their minds.

Author Romain Molina explained the reasons for this turnaround in his latest video. “Two years ago, Juninho wanted to do Ismaël Bennacer. But Lyon did not really want to do because of the agent Moussa Sissoko. It said they had a course of action. But there today is there a course of action in Lyon? We mandate the agents and we don’t really know how the money comes out, ”he said.

The famous insider didn’t just list failed transfers. He also talked about how Juninho was kicked out of the club. “This club there which before was a model. It is enormously sad. Today, this club drives you crazy. They do anything. And the last interventions are to say that it’s Juninho’s fault. He made mistakes, but they did everything to scuttle him.

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