This desk allows you to work sitting and standing and it loses 100€ before Prime Day!

News bon plan This desk allows you to work sitting and standing and it loses 100€ before Prime Day!

Prime Day at Amazon is coming soon! And we can say that Amazon is already starting to hit hard by offering great discounts. There, we have a discount on a sit-stand desk of 100€!

The Flexispot standing-sitting desk loses 100€ before Prime Day from Amazon

Amazon is THE meeting place for those who want to save money on their purchases. And on the eve of Amazon’s Prime Day, you’ll be well-advised to start diving into the deals the site is currently offering.

And right now, there’s a nice discount on a sit-stand desk. The latter, via cylinders, can thus allow you to work both seated and standing.

It may not seem like much, but in reality, it allows you to change your position and thus relieve some of your muscles. Operating via an electric system, you will not have to make an effort to move from one position to another.

Offered basic at €379, but with the coupon offered by Amazon, the latter loses €100 and is offered at €279!

But why buy a sit-stand desk?

With the world of work which has become sedentary and especially tertiarized, our way of working has changed;

Indeed, we spend most of our time sitting behind a screen, on a desk. And taking the sitting position for a long time is not what is most advisable for health.

Structural, skeletal, ligament or even vascular problems, many ailments await those who do not take care of their health and who spend too much time sitting.

Spending part of your time on your feet partially alleviates the problem. And sit-stand desks meet this need. The Flexispot found at Amazon is a typical desk of this kind. Indeed, the latter can adopt 4 different positions depending on your configuration.

And don’t worry, just because it’s on jacks doesn’t mean this desk doesn’t hold up. Indeed, the latter can support up to 100kg and its amplitude goes from 70 to 119cm. Which is ideal for people who are 1.54m and 1.80m tall.

Silent, you can alternate your position without disturbing and above all, gradually.

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