Verratti’s rant

Asked in the columns of L’Equipe, Marco Verratti was offended by the treatment reserved for him by the referees on the lawns of France, underlining a big difference with the referees in the Champions League.

Marco Verratti could afford a new record this season. And not only because of the eighth title of champion of France that he could win with the PSG, which would make him the most successful player in the history of the championship. The Italy international is also on course to break his record for yellow cards in a season. The native of Pescara has already collected eight warnings and can legitimately fear doing worse than the 12 yellow cards received during the 2014-15 season.

But according to the PSG midfielder, his bad reputation has a lot to do with this rain of cards. “Against Nice, in the Coupe de France, Schneiderlin pushes me. I fall. The referee says it’s me. Then Atal fouls me. I want to play fast. The guy stops me by holding my hand, I push him away, and the linesman again says it’s me. Why ? », he thus launched in the columns of The Team to illustrate his point.

A different situation in the Champions League

And the European champion to call for a change of mentality among French referees, who have the great wrong in his eyes not to assume their mistakes. “You know, me, when I miss, I take responsibility for it. I recognize him. Why when a referee misses, does he not say he missed?, he wondered. I played three matches, I made three mistakes, I took three yellow cards. It’s incredible! That means one hundred percent success! Well, I got used, here in France, to playing with a yellow card. »

And according to him, the situation would be totally different on the European or international scene. “I have a normal relationship with the Champions League referees or those who officiate in international matches, with whom we can discuss anything and everything, he assured. With a French referee, even today, I can’t do it.

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