Joel Embiid adds a layer and takes it directly to Ben Simmons!

Will Ben Simmons be traded before the deadline? Nobody knows the answer, even if negotiations will take place. Joel Embiid has decided to speak on the subject in front of the journalists, and the pivot does not hide it: he does not really appreciate the attitude of his teammate.

The coming days promise to be explosive for the Sixers, who must conduct negotiations about James Harden, if possible, but also about a potential departure from Ben Simmons. The latter still hopes to be traded before Thursday, but the chances are quite slim. Interest in the league is low, and Daryl Morey prefers to wait until the summer.

Joel Embiid charges his teammate again!

Fans are warned: we will have to be patient. There is always a world where Simmons returns for the end of the season, but it is unlikely with the attitude of his teammates. In front of journalists Embolite didn’t hesitate for a second before putting it back on.

Joel Embiid on the situation of Ben Simmons: “Everyone is at fault. But at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in a mirror. Just like when we lost, I did. I knew I wasn’t good enough. I knew I wasn’t healthy enough, and I wasn’t good enough. »

Results ? Embiid comes out of the best season of his career, and takes the Sixers to the top spots in the Eastern Conference. An undisguised tackle to Simmons, since the pivot is angry with him. The idea is simple: the point guard did not have the right reaction after the loss of the Hawks, where he should have questioned himself rather than blaming others.

Joel Embiid asked about Ben Simmons’ reaction to Game 7 reviews: « Do you think his reaction was unreasonable? »

Embiid responds, “Oh yes, definitely. »

Joel Embiid did not appreciate his teammate’s attitude, and does not hide it from journalists. He still hopes for a challenge from Ben Simmons, even if the latter especially wants to leave Pennsylvania. Before the deadline? Let’s say it went badly.

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