Donovan Mitchell too clutch for the Knicks: 32 points, a boss’s money time, Spida still assured

The Knicks hoped to take advantage of the absences on the Jazz side to grab an important victory in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately for Evan Fournier’s partners, Donovan Mitchell pulled out his hero’s cape to give Utah a third straight win.

For the home boxscore of the missed reunion between Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier, it’s right here.

Rudy Gobert absent for fifteen days, Joe Ingles seriously injured at the end of January, five consecutive defeats, Utah has gone through a big difficult period recently. Black clouds which nevertheless seem to have been moving away for a week. The victory snatched against Denver had allowed us to breathe a blow and the convincing success against Brooklyn had given hope for the best for the future, especially since it was the great return of a certain Donovan Mitchell. A remarkable comeback for Spida, who had strafed the Nets defense with incredible efficiency. Last night, it was the New York neighbor who showed up in the city of Mormons and we were waiting to see if Rudy’s friend was going to be able to carry the team at arm’s length once again. A scenario not so obvious because the Jazz was quickly taken by the throat by the Knicks. With a Mitchell Robinson in gluttonous mode at the start of the match, a Julius Randle who finds colors and an Evan Fournier who brings some ammunition from afar, New York leaves the right to believe in a victory that would do good for the Garden. Unfortunately for bing bong lovers, Donovan Mitchell is not going to let Gotham go after his project.

While he had already caught fire in the second quarter to restore control of the match to the Jazz, the local hero will come out of his box at the right time to save Quin Snyder’s team. Spida multiplies in the last minutes and he is involved in practically every action of his people. Should we move friends? No problem. You have to snatch a capital offensive rebound to offer two points to your pivot? It’s OK. Go scratch balloons in the opposing hands? Consider it done. Plant several hyper clutch shoots at the right time? It is the motto of the house. The table would not be complete without a small windmill to close the debates. A spectacular end for a man who is in the process of regaining all his feelings and it is very pleasant.

On the Knicks side, we can obviously regret these last minutes badly negotiated between ball losses and missed shots. A victory with the guts would have done a lot of good to a group that has just lost six of its last seven games. Icing on the (bad) cake, the rest of the calendar promises to be rather tense with several leaders to manage between the end of February and the beginning of March. Suffice to say that to hope to play the play-in, you will have to put on the blue heater and quickly. Maybe some reinforcements by Thursday night could help.

The Jazz almost fell into the Knicks trap but Donovan Mitchell did not fail when taking responsibility. New boss game for Spida, third win in a row for Utah, February definitely tastes much nicer than January for the Mormons.

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  1. He is one of the best players ever on the lakers and he dose not stutter anymore.

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