Uncharted: Tom Holland would like to play in another adaptation of a cult saga of Naughty Dog

News culture Uncharted: Tom Holland would like to play in another adaptation of a cult saga of Naughty Dog

Since this fall, Tom Holland is everywhere. Elevated to the rank of world star by becoming the Peter Parker of the MCU, he largely occupied the media space on the occasion of the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and continues to do so as the release approaches in Uncharted movie room.

In a big week, spectators will be able to go to the cinema to discover the adaptation in real shots d’Uncharted, one of the iconic licences de Naughty Dog. In the casting, we will find Tom Holland in the skin of a young Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg in the role of Sully, while Sophia Taylor Ali and Antonio Banderas will respectively play Chloe Frazer and Santiago Moncada.

Tom Holland and the video game: a story set to last?

As always before the release of a feature film, the actors and some members of the production go around the media to promote of their film, the opportunity for journalists to ask a whole host of questions about the film while trying to obtain some crisp information. In the case of Tom Holland, it is an interview with GameSpot which interests us. During the interview, our colleagues asked Tom Holland if he would like to adapt in another video game license, and if so, which one. At first glance, the answer may surprise, but when you pause for two seconds to think about it, it is not that much. Indeed, the comedian of almost 26 years indicated that if he could, he would adapt the Jak & Daxter license, and that he would play Jak, the main character:

I would love to do a Jak & Daxter movie, and I would play Jak. But I would do it with A24 (an American independent production and distribution company, editor’s note), so it would be really weird and dark. I would do a really weird, live action version of Jak and Daxter.

Born in 2001 on PS2, the Jak & Daxter license is a series of platform and adventure games developed by… Naughty Dog, also at the origin of Uncharted, of The Last of Us. The response of Tom Holland, whose seriousness is unknown, therefore seems oriented since his next film is adapted from another studio license. On your side,Would you like to see a live action or animated film dedicated to Jak & Daxter? While waiting to find out if such a project can see the light of day, you can discover or rediscover the Uncharted license on PC avec la Uncharted : Legacy of Thieves Collection, qui contient Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End et Uncharted : The Lost Legacy

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