What would you look like as the Mona Lisa? There’s an app for that

A start-up has designed software based on the latest artificial intelligence techniques to create portraits in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. With the Deep learning and more than 500 million parameters to train the generative neural network, it produces Renaissance master-style portraits from any photo of a human face.

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Every day, some 30,000 people come to admire Mona Lisa at the Louvre. Many are certainly wondering what they would look like under the brush of Leonardo DeVinci. The Da Vinci Face platform answers their questions by generating portraits in the style of the Italian painter, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Just register at Da Vinci Face by entering his email address to be able to deposit the photography that we would like to transform into a portrait of the Renaissance. Be careful, however, not to use just any cliché! The platform recommends choosing one where you strike a pose alone, in front of a backdrop of color neutral. Also be careful not to smile in the photograph. Prefer one where you wear a pout as enigmatic as that of Mona Lisa. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam determined in 2005 that his to smile translated 83% happiness, 9% disdain, 6% fear and 2% anger.

Your selfie and 500 million settings

The Da Vinci Face platform then takes care of turning your selfie into a worthy portrait. Leonardo DeVinci. To achieve this feat, it relies on the deep learning, a learning technology based on networks of neurones artificial. Algorithms analyze 500 million parameters to isolate the main characteristics of the person posing. They regenerate them to stick as well as possible to the techniques used by Leonardo DeVinci during the Renaissance.

This platform was created by Mathema, a technology start-up based in Florence.  » We have decided to revive the splendor of the Italian Renaissance, recreating The portraits in the style of the great masters of the past thanks to the artificial intelligence technologies latest and most sophisticated. We decided to start with the most famous polymath genius in history: Leonardo Da Vinci Mathema spokesperson Massimiliano Bellini told The Art Newspaper.

The company recently received funding from some cultural associations in Vinci, the Tuscan town where Leonardo da Vinci was born. It is looking for other sources of funding to perfect its algorithms and continue to offer art lovers to transform their photos into masterpieces, in a few clicks.

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