Tomorrow belongs to us: Sahelle de Figueiredo shocked by Noor’s rapprochement with Cédric? She answers

tomorrow belongs to us

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Sahelle de Figueiredo, who plays Noor in the series Tomorrow belongs to us, is she shocked by the rapprochement of her character with Cédric? She answered.

It’s the new plot that excites the loyal viewers of tomorrow belongs to us. In the episode broadcast on January 31, 2022, Noor Beddiar, who is on an internship at the Sète hospital with the aim of becoming a nurse like her deceased mother, got very close to Cédric (played by Julien Cheminade), her master. internship. During one scene, they nearly exchanged a kiss. Later, we even learned during an exchange of SMS that the two were beginning to have feelings for each other. However, Cédric is a married man, father of a family, who is much older than the young woman, who is 18 years old. This budding couple so talk and Sahelle de Figueiredo, who plays the role of Noor, gave her opinion.

The actress, who is 22 years old in real life, is she shocked by this love story? To our colleagues from Tele-Leisure, she said in an interview: « Let’s say it surprised me about Noor’s personality. She has always condemned infidelity, especially in relation to everything that happened between her mother and Samuel or Soraya and Guillaume. She was always straight, fair and honest. So I was shocked by her relationship with Cédric, who is a married man. But ultimately, I find this plot interesting. Because it is normal for the character to evolve. And we realize that in life, whatever our ethics, we can make mistakes. This is what happens to Noor, who discovers his adult life ».

Sahelle de Figueiredo: « It was an open secret »

She also said: « I had heard that Noor was going to have a relationship… I first thought of Gabriel: as they were sex friends, I thought it was going to end in a love story. When they told me no, I I was surprised, and then when I saw the character of Lilian arrive, I was sure that Noor was going to fall in love with him. And in the end, I was told one day that it was Cédric. C It was an open secret: everyone knew about it! ». Sahelle de Figueiredo does not yet know how this relationship will evolve in the future.

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