One Piece: Red reveals himself with a first glimpse of the scenario

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After the announcement of the live action One Piece, directed by Netflix, the announcement of a new film had quickly fallen. Scheduled for 2022, One Piece: Red was particularly discreet. At least until recently.

It was at the end of November that the announcement had fallen. A new movie One Piece, entitled One Piece : Red, set to be released in August 2022 in Japan. This fifteenth film should a priori approach the life of the famous Shanks Le Roux, one of the four emperors. While the project was particularly discreet on social networks, it was at the end of January that One Piece : Red has revealed itself a bit! Indeed, it is on the official Twitter account of the film that a photo of the scripts was shared! Of course, the official script is secretly kept, but it seems that this is the first promotional step for the new film. One Piece.

New One Piece Movie Should Focus On The Life Of Shanks Le Roux

One Piece: Red, the fifteenth film in the One Piece franchise

The year 2021 has been a particularly important year for the saga created by Eiichiro Oda. Indeed, not only did the manga see its 1000th chapter come out and its 100th volume be published in France, but in addition, the anime reached the very symbolic 1000th episode. It was practically at the release of the 1000th episode that two announcements were made, confirming that One Piece would be at the center of several big projects in 2022. First, the streaming platform Netflix announced that she would be producing a live action One Piece. The artistic distribution of this adaptation did not fail to react to the fans who felt that only two actors really corresponded to their character.

Very soon after the announcement of Netflix, the film One Piece : Red was also announced on the official franchise website One Piece. Scheduled for a Japanese release on August 6, 2022, we still have very little information about it. This first teaser, made on the film’s official Twitter account, suggests that we should soon have additional information such as images from the film, one or more trailers, etc. Currently, the film does not yet have an international release date, but given the popularity of One Piece, there is no doubt that an international release will most certainly be on the program.

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