James Bond: why the franchise should have its own series

James Bond

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The guardians of the James Bond franchise agree to refuse to decline the adventures of 007 in series. However, the British agent would need to have its own format more than ever to stay up to date. Explanations

The producers of James Bond made it clear that they refused to introduce 007 into the world of the show, even after the end of Daniel Craig’s era. The British agent, however, risks running out of steam after twenty-five missions brought to the screen and embodied by seven different actors. The waltz should not stop there since we are currently looking for a replacement for Daniel Craig since the theatrical release of Dying can wait. In an interview with Total Film, the producers of the franchise affirm their intention never to make James Bond a character of series, thus ending any hope to see one day a spin-off of 007. “We make films for the cinema. what we do, » insists producer Barbra Broccoli.

In a cinematographic landscape undergoing profound change, changing the format of James Bond’s adventures is nevertheless vital, especially since most of the major franchises are now entitled to a serial version (Star Wars, etc.) On the side of 007, the problem seems deeper. James Bond is often accused of being behind the times. Proof of this is his misogyny and his tendency to reason for a long time according to a logic inherited from the Cold War. The character only regained its modernity from the Daniel Craig era, opened with the very successful Casino Royale in 2006. Reviving the original James Bond of the 1960s would thus make no sense. « Stay faithful » condemns 007 to oblivion, a risk doubled by a hypothetical too long wait between two films on the side of the spectators.

Dying can wait for James Bond. — Credit(s): Universal Pictures International France

What future for James Bond?

Barbara Broccoli and her colleague Michael G. Wilson refuse to imagine a rejuvenated franchise with a series devoted to a « Bond for teenagers ». The survival of 007 is however on the small screen. If a format for teenagers does not seem to be the right solution, since it would compete with Kingsman for example, the production of spin-offs in serial format could prove to be a track to follow closely since it would allow to deepen certain characters crossed by James Bond during his missions. We could thus discover the creation of SPECTRE, the rise of M in MI6 or why not get to know other 00 agents. This solution would thus allow producers to keep James Bond only for the cinema. Who said 007 was obsolete?

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