Denver obtains a Disabled Player Exception: Michael Porter Jr. out, the Nuggets seek reinforcement for the end of the season

Michael Porter Jr. injured and out until the end of the season, Denver was entitled to request a Disabled Player Exception to replace its starting winger. Good news for the Colorado franchise, the NBA has accepted the request and the friends of Nikola Jokic therefore benefit from an additional envelope of 2.7 million dollars.

Operated again from the back at the end of November and presumed out all season, Michael Porter Jr. had left a franchise bruised by injuries in recent months (hello Murray, Dozier). However, at the start of the year, certain rumors had suggested a return of Michael Porter Jr. before the end of the current financial year. Unfortunately for MPJ ​​fans, this wind of optimism did not last long and it will probably take a few months to see the native of Missouri on the court again. Indeed, Shams Charania de The Athletic we learned yesterday that Denver had been granted a Disabled Player Exception, an aid granted when a team loses a player until the end of the season. Warning, this exception does not totally condemn a return of the injured player but it still gives a big clue that it is unlikely.

In itself, this is not an incredible amount because Denver will only be able to invest 2.7 million on a potential replacement. It is recalled that the sum usable within the framework of a DPE is equal to 50% of the salary of the injured player or to a mid-level exception (the lower amount of the two). Michael Porter Jr. is still in his rookie contract (until this summer), it’s a very small envelope that arrives in Colorado. Denver now has until March 10 to use this exception, although they are under no obligation to do so. It’s an extra string to Tim Connelly’s bow since the DPE can be used as part of a trade but also to recover a player who has negotiated a buyout with his team. 2.7 million is a hair above the veteran minimum (between 2 and 2.5 million), it is more than enough to convince an experienced player in search of Playoffs to come and join the Rockies. It remains to be seen who will be available on the market.

The chances of seeing Michael Porter Jr. on the court again this season are dwindling and Denver has planned for it by requesting a Disabled Player Exception. Who wants to come and lend a hand to the Joker for a few months?

Source texte : Shams Charania / The Athletic

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