Anonymous Lakers source drops chilling sentence involving LeBron

On the flank due to a whistling knee, LeBron James is sorely missed by the Lakers right now. A member of the angelino staff has also released a rather desperate statement on the subject… We clearly feel a wave of panic in the City of Angels.

The seasons pass and he comes out of a 2020-21 exercise truncated by injuries, but LeBron James still delivered a huge first half of the individual season. In the doldrums that are the Lakers, 24-27, 9ᵉ in the West), he has held his rank so far with a crazy statistical line: 29.1 points per game (his highest average since 2010!), as well as more than 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Passing the 30 unit mark is still not a problem for him, as recently against the Nets (33 points).

The problem is that the King has not stepped on a floor since the victory against the Blacks and Whites. His knee was reportedly a problem, and while it was thought he would only miss the pinnacle against the Sixers, he still hasn’t returned since. Besides, it’s not planned for anytime soon, judging by the latest update that made the Californian fanbase cringe…and it comes at the worst of times, to make matters worse.

Lakers dependent on LeBron James

James on the sidelines, the Purples and Golds have indeed collapsed and remain on three consecutive defeats (Philadelphia, Charlotte and Atlanta). The setback to the Hawks also saw them squander a substantial money-time lead, something that probably wouldn’t have happened with the winger in uniform. We are well aware of the side of the Arena, like a member of staff who spoke on condition of anonymity to ESPN. And his observation on the current situation is chilling:

Every game LeBron doesn’t play, we sink.

As devastating as the words are, they are corroborated by the figures presented by the chain. Without the Chosen One to carry his team, Los Angeles lost 5 of these 15 games and also scored much less than with him present (108 points against 112 per game). Proof that the attack is almost entirely dependent on him this year, despite the arrival of a heavyweight like Russell Westbrook supposed to take over in the distribution of the game.

What’s really concerning about all of this is that this issue isn’t just about 2021-22, when you think about it. LeBron is now 37 and, phenomenal athlete that he is, he is nearing retirement. However, in the state, it is difficult to see how the Angelinos could remain in the foreground once he hangs up. Let’s just hope they don’t hit rock bottom again, like in the last decade…

The success of the Lakers goes through LeBron James, and this adage is to be taken literally this season. If the King were to miss part of the end of the campaign for a new physical glitch, we don’t give much of Purples and Golds… especially in view of a possible qualification in the playoffs.

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