a spectacular trailer for the Deepwater disaster film

The dogs are unleashed in the explosive trailer for The Burning Sea.

After the ignored comet of Don’t Look Up and just before the moon falls to Earth in the aptly named Moonfall : this beginning of the year 2022 seems to be placed under the sign of ecological disaster which undermines the well-being of our dear little blue planet. And this is not the next release of the schemer The Burning Sea which will contradict us.

Disaster film directed by filmmaker John Andreas Andersen, behind the film The Quake – released in France directly on the E-Cinema platform -, The Burning Sea tells the terrible consequence of multiple drillings carried out in the North Sea at the end of the Sixties: an open crack at the bottom of the ocean which causes the collapse of an oil platform. From this relatively classic pitch, a film was drawn which was unveiled in an explosive trailer.

After quickly (and superficially) presenting the issues and protagonists, the trailer shows us how this fine team will find themselves caught in the cataclysmic collapse of this oil station.

There follows therefore a series of shots willingly emphasizing the scale of the damage and the spectacularity of the action, all crowned by special effects that have nothing to envy to the best of Hollywood cinema at 200 million. The program is therefore unveiled: characters in classic painting who must survive this disaster, staged with as much excess as possible.

« And it goes Bim Bam Boom, it goes Pschhh and it goes… »

This immoderate emphasis is quite exciting on paper, especially in the face of the bulk of American blockbusters who have difficulty in really impressing us with their deficient special effects and their stagings which compete with platitude. The staging is therefore signed by filmmaker John Andreas Andersen, who is collaborating here again with his screenwriter Harald Rosenløw-Eeg (with whom he had already written The Quake), accompanied by Lars Gudmestad.

Let’s hope that the film’s bounty doesn’t come exclusively from the trailer and that the film is as explosive on its entirety as in these images. To find out, you will have to wait very wisely for the film to be released in France, knowing that it is still impossible to know if the film will be released in theaterss, on DVD, on VOD or on any streaming platform.


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