A new challenge for Vitorino Hilton!

At 44, Vitorino Hilton decided to come out of retirement and signed up with FC Sète, a resident of National.

There are those players whose passion for football knows no bounds, and for whom age is certainly not one. As long as the body doesn’t say no, we can continue, that’s what we say Vitorino Hilton.

At 44, the man with 512 Ligue 1 matches, which he won withIF and Montpellier, is not yet satisfied. After announcing a well-deserved retirement last July, the Brazilian defender changed his mind and decided to put his boots back on.

This Monday, the FC Sete, current 12th of National, announced the arrival of “Vito” on his Twitter account. The native of Brasilia committed until the end of the season with the French champion club twice in the 1930s.

A last freelance, or maybe not, for the one who could cross the bar of 700 official career matches.

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