Anthony Davis puts a big stop to Westbrook for his birthday!

Thearon W. Henderson / DR

This Friday takes on a special aspect for Russell Westbrook, who turns 33. For the occasion, the star leader of the Lakers saw his celebration suddenly stopped by… Anthony Davis!

Failing to display a perfect understanding on the field right now, the three Lakers superstars seem to get along perfectly in everyday life. Meeting in Los Angeles for a few months, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook could almost make it seem like they’ve been around each other every day for years.

Unsurprisingly, LeBron and AD are publicly supporting their new star teammate with each of their missteps. A welcome help for the Brodie, which must at the same time endure thousands of virulent criticisms from Internet users. The two 2020 champions did not need to ensure his rear following his last outing, overall successful against the Heat.

Davis prevents a big Westbrook blunder

Following this good performance against Miami, especially in the clutch, the opportunity was therefore perfect to winnow a little Westbrook. This is what Davis did, in gently tackling the MVP 2017 on his too many losses of ball. This Friday, however, it is time to celebrate Russ, since he is simply celebrating… his 33 years! AD, however, had to take it again… but for a much more trivial reason!

Ready to blow the candles out of his Lakers-baked cake, Westbrook saw Davis step in as quickly as possible. Why ? Because even if the former Thunder may have forgotten, the league remains under Covid protocol! Suffice to say that, even if it is tested daily by the doctors of the franchise, it was better not to play with the nerves of Adam Silver and his assistants, and risk the spread of the virus!

The leader therefore had to find an alternative, and extinguished the candles … waving his hands over the cake. A funny way of respecting tradition, but which seemed to be the only one possible for him. In the end, Russ was able to taste the preparation with his teammates without further complications. A good way to strengthen the bonds of the team, a few hours before the reception of the Timberwolves at the Staples Center!

On the verge of blowing out his candles for his 33rd birthday, Russell Westbrook was treated to a heroic rescue from Anthony Davis. Fortunately, since the league would not have liked to see these images!

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