Fortnite: a PlayStation tournament for PS5 and PS4 players with thousands of dollars to be won

Game news Fortnite: a PlayStation tournament for PS5 and PS4 players with thousands of dollars to be won

Beyond its obvious notoriety and influence on culture, Fortnite is also a game that lends itself very well to eSports for professionals and amateurs. Epic Games has just announced the return of the Fortnite PlayStation Cup, which should interest more than one.

Two official Fortnite tournaments with $ 23,625 up for grabs

So we learn the return of the Fortnite PlayStation Cup, a championship reserved for battle royale players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 only, and maintained directly by Epic Games. In total, 100,000 dollars are up for grabs in the world: for Europe, two tournaments will take place in October and November, each with $ 23,625 in cash prize.

Obviously, the title has accustomed us to much larger sums but this is a good way, much more accessible, for less renowned players to participate from home and to pocket significant sums all the same. As long as you are good, that goes without saying.

The first tournament will take place on October 2, i.e. tomorrow: you will be able to participate provided you have activated two-step authentication on your account and have at least level 30. Then, two solo rounds will be held: the first will take place over a maximum of 10 games in a maximum time of 3 hours while the second will only take the winners, this time with only 6 games. Only the top 100 from the first round will be able to play in the second round, the most important since it is during this that there will be money to be won.

The Fortnite PlayStation Cup Prize Breakdown

The cash prize being 23,625 dollars in total (20,372.53 euros), it will be distributed among the different winners. Here is the exact and official distribution between the winners, at the end of the second round, as far as Europe is concerned.

Event Prize – Europe

  • 1er: 1200 $
  • 2e : 1100 $
  • 3e : 1000 $
  • 4e: 800 $
  • 5e : 725 $
  • 6e: 600 $
  • 7e : 550 $
  • 8e : 500 $
  • 9e : 450 $
  • 10e – 25e : 400 $
  • 26e – 50e : 300 $
  • 51e – 64e : 200 $

It is good to know that this distribution is applied in other regions of the world, namely North-East America, North-West America and Brazil. For Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, the prices will be lower, the number one earning for example only 650 dollars.

For more information on registration conditions and the tournament, everything happens on the dedicated page of the official Epic Games website.

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