Breath of the Wild: how to get fireproof weapons?

News tip Breath of the Wild: how to get fireproof weapons?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild never stops revealing secrets of all kinds. The immense freedom of Nintendo’s title and the richness of its engine make it possible to discover new subtleties regularly, for example… the possibility of making wooden weapons fireproof.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers what is called emergent gameplay, and as a result, players regularly find new tips to enrich the already immense spectrum of its gameplay. Among the specifics of the Nintendo Switch hit, the subject of weapons that break and do not withstand certain conditions has always been debated: today, we discover that it is possible to prevent sheet / wood weapons from burning on contact with fire, while they are supposed to have no resistance under these conditions … let’s see in more detail how to do this.

Set Hyrule on fire with your Korogu fan!

The Korogu fan is a much more formidable weapon than it looks!

We had recently seen that exploiting peppers to fly higher was part of the « hidden » game mechanics of Breath of the Wild, and it seems that everything related to fire is far from having delivered all its secrets in the game. Nintendo title. It is indeed possible to set fire to a weapon designed to burn quickly and not resist fire, and use it to ignite enemies or elements of the scenery! A video posted on Twitter by iLegendofLinkk illustrates perfectly the operation of what appears to be a glitch, such behavior of the weapon clearly not obeying the « laws of physics » of the engine of the game:

A simple trick that sends wood

Breath of the Wild: how to get fireproof weapons?

Against all odds, the sword of the woods can also resist fire.

So how does it work? The method is quite simple, and works with any wooden (or leaf) weapon, from the Korogu fan to the woodland sword (no, not Trinel). Concretely, you just need to have the weapon in question and place yourself near a flaming point, preferably a campfire. The objective will be to place a bomb right next to where you are going to fire your gun, and detonate the gun on yourself while you hold your gun on fire. It’s up to you to decide in which order you want to perform these operations: the main thing is that the bomb explodes while your weapon is burning. This will negate the ignition and « restore » the condition of your weapon. You will then only have to check it by giving blows with a wooden sword (or even a Korogu fan) in the blaze: the weapon will no longer catch fire at all!

YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented sought to deepen the analysis of this situation with a more complete video giving more details. This technique also works in Death Mountain (see our Goron village walkthrough) and its extreme temperatures, but you will have to arrive in this area having already carried out the manipulation to protect your fragile weapon against fire. It will not be possible to carry out the manipulation with the bomb and the campfire once arrived in this region, you will need to have « modified » your weapon with this glitch before entering it.

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