This Pokémon puzzle, deemed impossible to finish, is on sale

Good plan news This Pokémon puzzle, deemed impossible to finish, is on sale

Amazon is currently offering a nice discount on the impossible puzzle in the colors of Pokémon. With a reduction of -34%, it is possible to obtain it for less than 20 €! Particularly provided and detailed, it will require patience and rigor.

This Pokémon Puzzle is likely to keep you occupied for a while. Indeed, with its 1000 pieces, you will have plenty of things to take care of and find all the monsters of 1G.

Pokémon is a license that has managed not only to move upmarket at Nintendo as a flagship license, but also to win the hearts of fans to become an icon of pop culture.

Pokémon, at the start, is an adventure that takes you to the Kanto region and where you are asked to travel the world, and learn more about Pokémon and their mysteries, the secret of their power.

Indeed, the latter, like the animals, inhabit the entire region and it is up to you to meet and capture them in order to learn more about them and complete your Pokédex.

Released in cartridges for the GameBoy Pocket, we find them in two different versions, one red and one blue (for the West, Japan has benefited from a green version).

It is the beginning of a long history and a long series of games that will mark each generation. This makes Pokémon monsters, we have already seen them on a lot of derivative products and other accessories.

The Pokémon Impossible Puzzle: its characteristics

In addition to being an accessory, this puzzle can claim to be both useful and enjoyable. If you want to have a good time with your favorite license, this is the best way. With its 1000 parts and structure, it is made in such a way that it will require patience and a good sense of observation in order to complete it.

And in addition, you can display it afterwards by framing it. With its 70cm wide and 50cm long, it will look great in your interior!

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