Thierry Henry enchanted by Ligue 1

Now a consultant on the Amazon video platform, Thierry Henry gave his first impressions of his new environment and of Ligue 1.

Used to TV shows and appreciated by the English public since his stint as a consultant on Sky Sports in 2014, Thierry Henry was full of praise for his position at the new Ligue 1 broadcaster. The former Gunners striker commented on his debut as a consultant at the Parisian, he says he is delighted to forge a new relationship with the French public:

« It’s just fun. They put us in very good conditions. I am lucky to be with good guys. We are a good team and it also allows me to reconnect with the French public and the L1. Everywhere, in the stadiums, we receive a really nice welcome, continues Henry. There are beautiful atmospheres, beautiful lawns, and even if we can no longer play, of course, we find good sensations. »

Henry, already adopted by spectators

If his relationship with the media, when he trod the lawns around the world, was not in good shape, the top scorer and passer in the history of the France team has since reconnected with the French. Since the start of the season, not a match has gone without Henry’s reaction to internet users. His analyzes are all as appreciated as his humor, and when the ex-Blue comments on a great action, his spontaneity and his love of football resurface.

Some Internet users evoke his new position with humor, posting: ” The best recruitment of the season ahead of Olympique de Marseille and PSG ” or ” The king is back“. If Thierry Henry wanted to reconnect with the French public, it is done, and this, from the 6th day of Ligue 1.

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