The Cambodian prince speaks

Norodom Ravichak, member of the royal family of Cambodia, supported by other investors, has indeed deposited a deposit of 100 million euros to buy AS Saint-Etienne.

It is not exactly ” the crown prince of Cambodia », As it had written The Parisian Saturday, when presenting this new potential buyer for theAS Saint-Etienne. Norodom Ravichak, nephew of the current King, wants to clarify: there is no crown prince in his country. ” Cambodia is an elective constitutional monarchy whose sovereign is chosen by a Council of the Throne. For my part, I am a Cambodian prince among others », He assures us.

The fact remains that this businessman did well as a candidate for the takeover of the Forézien club, as he confirmed to RFI on Tuesday. The Cambodian prince has deposited a deposit of 100 million with the firm KPMG, responsible for the sale of the club by the duo Roland Romeyer-Bernard Caïazzo. This is not the amount of the sale of ASSE, but the amount needed to enter into negotiations.

Investors ” solid ” with him

Since he was educated in France and is based in the Paris region, Norodom Ravichak is passionate about football who grew up with Ligue 1 and the Blues. ” This is how I have always had a special affection for ASSE, which occupies a special place among the very big clubs in France. “, Launches the one who now wants” take care of Saint-Étienne and all those who work to restore this club to its rightful place in French and European football ».

In this interview with RFI, the Cambodian prince confirms that he is accompanied by ” strong partners “. According to various sources, Norodom Ravichak is associated with a ” european businessman And especially would have the support of Chinese investors. He could very quickly offer again a competitive team to the hot public of the Cauldron.

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