Sea of ​​Thieves: Microsoft Piracy Game Season 4 Content Revealed

Game news Sea of ​​Thieves: Microsoft Piracy Game Season 4 Content Revealed

After a difficult start marked by a lack of content, Sea of ​​Thieves gradually found its cruising speed by switching to a seasonal model. The 4th season arrives Thursday, the opportunity for the developers to present it to us in more detail.

Teased a few days ago, the fourth season of Sea of ​​Thieves was entitled to a six minute presentation, presenting us the main activities and additions. We first discover new customization elements for the boat on the theme of coral. But above all, she will take us underwater, in search of the six shrines of the Sirens.

Inside, many treasures to recover await the players, who will however have to pass multiple trials and face different types of enemies, including sirens and crabbers to access it. Many rewards await players, but Rare specifies that it is the coral chests that will allow you to get rich the most. As usual, watch out for other ships, but well-hidden statues will store the treasures.

In addition to the shrines to explore, special bottles will send players to explore the depths in search of the Breath of the Sea, a strange and particularly profitable concoction. Finally, we note the appearance of new personalization elements, unlockable through the Plunder Pass, the game’s 100-level progression system. Sea of ​​Thieves Season 4 boarding is scheduled for 23 septembre sur PC, Xbox One et Xbox Series.

Sea of ​​Thieves: Microsoft Piracy Game Season 4 Content Revealed

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