Sampaoli, Domenech has a doubt

If he is generally enthusiastic about the game offered by Olympique de Marseille since the start of the season, Raymond Domenech has some reservations.

Three matches were enough to generate the excitement. After a somewhat sluggish entry into the matter, theOlympic Marseille has shown a whole different face for ten days. With the key two great victories against Monaco (2-0) and Rennes (2-0) as well as a frustrating draw on the lawn of Lokomotiv Moscow (1-1) in the Europa League.

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The performances of the Olympians won over many observers. This is particularly the case of Raymond Domenech, who did not hesitate to highlight the work of Jorge Sampaoli. “Olympique de Marseille, you can see the coach’s touch if I compare with what is happening in Lyon. We really see that in this team that something is happening, the principles of the game, and a coach who has worked, something that we do not always see in all the teams, and there we see it working “, he told the microphone of La Chaîne L’Equipe.

Raymond Domenech did not share a doubt about the Marseille team. “I put the restriction on the physical, as with Bielsa, this football requires a lot of energy. But they are young, it can take, even if they have to do the same thing every game. Besides, we saw at certain end of matches that it was more complicated ”, he added.

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